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Organic Skin Care | Natural Skin Care

Natural Skin Care Organic Skin CareWelcome to Organic Skin Care that is All Natural... right down to the very Bio-Specific roots of our anatomy. If you are looking for Organic Skin Care from nature herself, that skin can actually harness and utilize, then you have found...Livia Pure Skin Care.

Our All Natural Skin Care is infused with every raw, essential ingredient already recognized by the most basic layers of the skin as nutritious. With Livia Pure Skin Care, we feed your skin with the utmost in raw, organic, all natural and wildcrafted nutrition, known for corrective, potent and beautifying results.

Although there have been amazing advances in "Natural Skin Care Products" that use some all natural ingredients, they are filled with preservatives and other harmful chemicals that are more damaging to our bodies than most people know. Now, Organic Skin Care Products and manufacturers have emerged with nothing more than an Organic label. Worse yet, these manufacturers, although using some organic materials, then mass produce their so called organic products from cheap ingredients, preservatives and chemical fillers that make them inassimilable by the skin. Fads and their supposed experts come and go. We waste our precious time and money and don't see any permanent results or results with promise, that then fade away.

Hydration, oxygen and good nutrition are essential for maintaining a glowing complexion. Our fast paced lifestyles leave little time and energy for internal and external health to maintain the all natural, youthful glow of adolescence. Selecting the perfect combination of products for your skin type can be a challenging task. Livia Pure Skin Care is carefully formulated to address a wide variety of complexion and lifestyle concerns from Aging to Acne to Hyperpigmentation. To get you started, we invite you to explore "Your Vital Five" and "Your Skins Lifestyle" modules above. Our Consultants along with your personal Aesthetician will recommend how to use Livia Pure Skin Care synergistically to achieve your optimum complexion. If your local Spa, Salon or private Aesthetician need to know about Livia Pure Skin Care, please contact us anytime at

By receiving regular facials, maintaining healthy hydration and nutrition as well as following your Livia Pure Skin Home Care Regimen, people will be asking...

What do you use on your skin?

Natural Skin Care, Organic Skin Care, Raw Skin Care:
Livia Pure Skin Care.

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